This site was created in 2019 by Lugrekh (aka qurgh, aka Chris) to share his love of the Black Speech, and to learn the Laravel programming framework and Bootstrap 4.

The dictionary used on this site was originally compiled by me around 2005 for the original Orcs of the Red Hand LARP group website. After a hard drive crash destroyed that database of words the old website was shutdown, however a number of people had downloaded it prior to the shutdown. Over the years the list has been updated and maintained by a number of people. The current dictionary was downloaded from Black Speech School, a Black Speech website run by Un4givenOrc was has been updating the dictionary since at least 2013. I offer a big thank you for his work with the dictionary and the language in general.

The goal of this site is to provide tools for learning and using Black Speech, with a focus on the "Land of Shadows" dialect originally created by Scatha and expanded by, at first, myself and, later, by Un4givenOrc. I will be creating computer driven tools, which will require a defined grammatical sketch. While I do not want to change anything that was definded in the past, in areas where the grammar is incomplete or "fuzzy" I may need to create and clarify it. I do not intend to create any new words though.