Lesson 1

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These lessons do not go in depth in to the proper pronunciation of Black Speech words.  The following consonants are almost identical in sound to the English:

b, d, f, g, h, k, m, n, p, qu, s, t, z

Vowels are also pronounced very similar to the English. The short 'u' is the same as the u in 'put', while the longer 'û' is pronounced like 'oo'.

Nearly every computer can deal with the â and the û –s oI wil lbe using them in these lessons and the quizes. Remember that they are different letters. They can be written as follows:

â = alt + 131
û = alt + 150

You will be marked wrong in the quizzes if you don't use the â and û.

Since Black Speech is mainly used in text, I will not delve further into pronunciation, see the Red Hand' Black Speech page for a pronunciation guide.


Black Speech uses the English subject - verb - object word order with adjectives following the word they modify. Where we would say "They see the big Orc", in Black Speech you would say "They see Orc-big".




We will begin with some examples of noun constructions. We will look at two points: How to use adjectives to make things big or small and How to use plurals.

In order to make a noun a bigger or smaller version of that noun you add either -dur or -nardur to the noun.

Example:       mokh home     mokh-dur big home/mansion     mokh-nardur small home/cottage

In order to pluralize a noun you add a single letter suffix to the end of it. If the word ends with a consonant you add a -u:

Example: mokh home => mokhu homes
  horngaz pet => horngazu pets
  skût shield => skûtu shields

If the word ends with a vowel you add a -z:

Example: zau soup => zauz soups
  fra foot => fraz feet
  trû brain => trûz brains




Every verb can take two pronouns. One at the front (the subject) and one at the back (the object).  This is true for all pronouns except for the first person singular and plural pronouns. These pronouns go at the back of the verb, even if they are the subject. This is because Sauron would not want his troops using I and Wes that much.


lat (p) you

-izish (p) me

grush- (v) hit

lat-grush-izish You hit me

In this lesson will be introduce following 7 singular pronouns, although a couple of them are the same in both the object and subject spots:

Subject Pronouns   Object Pronouns  
-izg I  


me Note: Remember, these two go after the verb,
          even when they are the subject.
lat you   lat you  
ta he/she/it   ta him/it  
      to her  

To show how the the first person pronouns work, here is an example:


-izg (p) I

ta (p) him

grush- (v) hit
  grush-izg-ta I hit him


Verbs are listed in the dictionaries and word lists in their root form. To create the infinitive version the verb add -at. To create the present tense you use the root for both the first and second person forms, plural and singular. For the third person forms you add either -at for singular and -ut for plural.

grush- root - kill
grushat infinitive - to kill
grush present - I/you/we kill
grushat present - he/she/it kills
grushut present - they kill




uruk   Orc (n) pukhal   language (n) ghashan   word (n)
mokh   home (n) ghâmp   Earth (n) horngaz   pet (n)
shara   Human male (n) shalob   Human female (n) lûnt   boat (n)
golug   Elf (n) gazat   Dwarf (n) krûr   finger (n)
glok   tooth (n) nâkh   hand (n) slaium   life (n)
slai-   live (v) bhûl-   accept (v) gashn-   say (v)
pukhl-   speak a language (v) fûr-   lie (v) hon-   see (v)
grush-   hit (v) nûl   hurt, pain (n) nûl-   hurt (v)
ghûlb-   help (v) nûrl-   learn (v) brus-   have (v)
az-   kill (v)            


Soon we make this into quiz so you can take questions online!




1)   shara puklat golog pukhal   11)   I see you
2)   uruk gashnat ghashanu   12)   The pet has teeth
3)   hon-izg-lat   13)   You hit me
4)   gazat brusut nâkhu-narduru   14)   I accept
5)   horngazu narpukhlat   15)   Human males have big teeth
6)   pukhalu brusut ghashanu   16)   Words lie
7)   lat-slai   17)   The pet hurts the hand
8)   horngaz nûlat shalob   18)   The Orc speaks the Orc language
9)   uruk azat golog   19)   You lie
10   golog brusat lûnt   20)   Small boats